Don't eat less, eat right

Don't eat less, eat right
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How to live a healthy life?

" The key is not to eat less, it’s to eat right. You can eat as Much as you want, just make sure it’s the good stuff ".

This means no fatty, greasy, heavily processed foods. Try to eat as much plant based foods as you can in your diet ie: fruit, vegetables, nuts, juices, natural plant products rather than processed ones etc.

When we are living a lifestyle where our diet is filled with these whole, healthy foods, we don’t need to worry about cutting back and eating less, because they are all good for us.

Have we ever seen someone who only eats fruits and veggies are over weight? No, it’s simply unheard of.


Because they are good for us – our body needs them. They are healthy and will not make us fat. I repeat, they will NOT make us fat rather provide energy and nutrition to our body and keep us fit.

It is generally seen that girls keep on starving themselves, counting calories, and cutting back on their food intake. It is not a healthy way to live. Restricting yourself just leads to bad eating habits and mind-sets. Rather starving always proves harmful. You don’t want to have an unhealthy mind-set and expect to be healthy.

So change that mind set of eating less at dinner, or skipping breakfast. Food is good. Food is FUEL. You literally need it, to survive. And as long as you’re eating all the good foods, you’ll live a long and healthy life. So change your mind-set from eating less, and focus on eating more – more of the right foods. It works.

Have plenty of fruits, salad, fresh natural juices, natural soup, sprouts, nuts etc. All these are healthy food which will never harm anyone rather it keeps body fit.

Proper Diet

Proper diet means one should take Natural and balanced diet which should form 20 % acidic and 80 % alkaline food. Balanced diet not only means taking carbohydrates, proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins in right amount but taking them in proper way. Most of us take more acidic food that is why maximum suffer people suffer from Acidity / Gastric problems and Digestive disorders.

Acidic food (should be 20 %) Alkaline Food ( should be 80 %)
Tea /coffee Lemon juice (diluted)
Bread /jam Honey
Boiled milk Fresh vegetables
Chapatti / Rice Fruits
Non-veg. / Egg Dry fruits
Maida products Curd
Sweets Sprouts
Tobacco Salad
Chocolate Boiled /steamed vegetables
Pastry / cake  -
Fried food  -
Spicy food / pickles  -

In order to remain healthy and free from diseases one should follow the right "Balanced diet".

“ A healthy outside begins on the inside. ”