Disease & Natural Cure

IMPORTANT : Eyes are greatest gift from God. It is through this wonderful part of body, that we are able to see all the beautiful things of life. Hence it becomes our utmost duty, to keep them in a clean and healthy state.


  • Splash the eyes with cold water at least 3-4 times every day. Water kept in an earthen utensil overnight is best.
  • Put a pack of mud with a bandage of very cotton cloth on the eye for 15 – 20 minutes. This pack imparts a feeling of coolness and freshness to the eyes and also improves eyesight.
  • Whenever the eyes get tired , close them for short interval for relief.
  • At night before going to sleep put a drops of Gulab jal in eyes.


  • Moving the eyelids left & right (10-15 times)
  • Moving the eyelids up and down (10–15 times)
  • Rotating the eyelids clockwise & anticlockwise (5 –10 times)
  • Close the left eye with your left palm & with the right eye sees the nose from top to bottom & reverse and repeat this exercise with the left eye, closing the right eye with the right palm.
  • Look towards the sky or an object ( at least 10 feet’s away – and preferably of green colour ) continuously for 1 minute. Try not to blink the eyes – there might be some water coming out of them, initial irritation may occur but its fine don’t bother, it strengthens the eye muscles.
  • Charge water in green glass bottle for 6-7 hours in sunlight. Don’t cover it with lid rather with cotton. Fill the green glass bottle 3/4th with water keep it in sunrays for 6-7 hours. Then put it in kitchen. Normal water will get converted into medicine. Wash eyes once a day with this water.

FOOD – Vitamin 'A' is the best food for improving eyesight.

  • Carrots – Winter
  • Mango - Summer
  • Papaya - Whenever available
  • White butter – throughout the year
  • Other sources – Milk, Parwal, Almond, Indian gooseberry (Alma), Tomato, Spinach (Palak)

" Eyes are the most beautiful gift of nature - Take good care of them ".