Let Food be thy medicine

Let Food be thy medicine
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How food can be medicine?

" Let thy Food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be thy food " - Hippocrates, father of medicine.

Food is a fuel for body. If fuel is natural, our body organs always remain energetic and work well. It depends on us only to provide our body with the right fuel. No machine in this whole universe is yet invented in which we put all the food products and it makes blood. It’s only our wonderful miraculous body machine which does so ‘Let Our Food Be Our Medicine’.

Our kitchen is the best cure centre for our each ailment and Nature is the best healer. Nature provides us everything - fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes etc. Wonder!!!! How from the same soil we get so many different things? This wonder can only be possible by Nature. Nature not only provides us these foods but also fill them with golden miracle beneficial nutrients. Each and every plant natural product has its own nutritional values and healing benefits. Only need is gather their knowledge.

Did we ever know?

  • Unripe Banana, Unripe Papaya vegetable are very beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Water Caltrop (Singhara) fruit is a Natural medicine for thyroid patients.
  • We take ‘Crocin’ for fever but Sweet lemon contains paracetamol in natural form which not lowers fever but also increase body resistance and gives energy.
  • We take Glucose water to get energy whereas Honey water is Natural medicine.
  • Do we ever eat citrus fruits for Acne rather than lot of medicines?
  • Water boiled with cumin seeds proves best medicine for Indigestion.
  • We take lot of constipation medicines but Guava (Amrood) & Sapodilla (Chikoo) are natural medicines for it.
  • Beetroot, Wheatgrass juice have great medicinal value for cancer patients.

If anyone is suffering from any ailment and he/she should start taking right diet, change lifestyle, he will definitely get well soon. These are those medicines which don’t have any side-effects and are easily available in our premises without any huge large bills and admissions to hospitals.

“ Medicine is not health care it is sick care, food is health care ”.